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Living Silent Hunter III & SH3 Foren at UBI:

Further Silent Hunter Forums:

SubSimWorldwide Anglophone Community.
For Support for LSH have a look at the SH3 Work Shop.
Link » SH3 Work Shop (EN)

MarineSimsLarge German-speaking Community for Maritime-Simulations.
For Support for LSH look at the Living Silent Hunter III Mod-Zone.
Link » LSH Mod-Zone (DE)

SilentHunterModsMultilingual Community.
For Support for LSH see LSH3 at SilentHunter Mods Forum.
Link » LSH Mod Forum (MULTILANG)

Public Download Sites from SH3 Modder's and Players:

MagicMagic's MediaFire page - Large collection (+280 Files).
Link » Magic's MediaFire page

OttibaldOttibald's MediaFire page - Bridges, Mods, Infos.
Link » Ottibald's MediaFire page

YodaYoda's Mediafire page - Miscellaneous Mods for U-Boot-Skins (Fubar, Yamato, Evan82 etc.) partly with preview function, Atmosphere-, Sound- und Clothing-Mods (+100 Files).
Link » Yoda's Mediafire page

UffzRohledderUffzRohledder's MediaFire page - Miscellaneous Mods.
Link » UffzRohledder's MediaFire page

OttfriedOttfried's MediaFire page - Miscellaneous Mods.
Link » Ottfried's MediaFire page

U-MatzeU-Matze's MediaFire page - Miscellaneous Mods.
Link » U-Matze's MediaFire page

EMBEMB's MediaFire page - Miscellaneous Mods.
Link » EMB's MediaFire page

RowiRowis MediaFire page
Link » Rowis MediaFire page Rowis MediaFire page

SH3 Optimisation:

Friedl's Help SiteAt Friedl's Help Site you will find valuable tips n tricks .
Link » Friedl's Help Site (DE)

UBI technicalForum for technical Support by UBI for SH3.
Link » SH3 Work Shop (DE)

Friendly SH3 groupings:

7.U-BootflottilleInteresting Flotilla with an internet portal and Forum for Pro's and Newbie's.
Link » 7.U-Bootflottille (DE)

11te-UBootflottilleCommunity of some "crazy" virtual UBootkommandanten!
Link » 11te-UBootflottille (DE)

BtS ModsForum by Beyond the Shadows Mods, Skins and more.
Link » Beyond the Shadows (EN)