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Living Silent Hunter III - Edition 2010

Four playable U-Boat-Types, enhanced game area, new harbours with ship traffic and sluices and more than two hundred reworked/new shiptypes, allow a historically and technically maximal-realistic career simulation for German U-Boat Commanders in the second World war 1939 until 1945.

Our SuperMod implies a balancede collection of 32 Mods and SH3 Tools for the U-Boat simulation Silent Hunter III (Ubi).


Project "Living Silent Hunter III" History 2005 to 2015

2015 May» LSH3 Edition 2015 releasedate is 2015 May 22. :-)
2015 May» work out final documents translation ...
2015 April» FAQ Manual under construction
2015 March» Good news; Blueduck is healty and back in Team!
» 24 Manuals completed. Install Win10 works
2015 February» Installation manual documents (SH3/LSH3) under construction...
2015 January» Finalversion DL tests with antivirus tools
» Unexpected "wrong errors" proved now
2014 December» Quality control (PRC2) Urmel, Eremit & Rowi
» English translation of all content
2014 November» Quality control (PRC1) Urmel, Eremit & Rowi
» Disease related failure of Blueduck!
2014 October» Acquisition LSH Team & Production by Urmel
2014/09/27» Release news SH3 tools
» Download SH3-VersionCheck-2014 and SH3-MultiCopy-2014
2014 August» Newstart qualitycheck by Urmel, Blueduck & Rowi
2014 Summer» Nearly stagnation all team activity (desinterest, diseases)
» Reorganisation LSH Team and concept by Urmel
2014 January» LSH3 V6 (RC version) free to qualitycheck by team
2013 Autumn» LSH Team reselection by Blueduck & Urmel
2012 / 2013» Workout Supermod LSH3 Fullversion 6 up to Beta state
2012 January» LSH Team reselection by Blueduck & Urmel
2011/12/11» Release Mod FROZEN HARBORS V5.1
2011/10/03» Change german support location for LSH & CCOM
» New LSH & CCOM "Homebase" is Forum
2011/05/21» Release first results of SH3 Survey (ended 2014)
2011/04/01» Start SH3 Survey "MOD & TOOL" 2011 by Urmel
2011/01/15» Release V5.1 Identification Manual PDF
2010/11/01» Release Supermod LSH3 V5.1 FULLVERSION and UPDATE
2011 October» Release redesign LSH3 Website V5.1 by Urmel
2010/08/16» Release preview ATM-Mod Atmosphere V5.1
2010/08/14» Release preview U-Boote Arms V5.1
2010/03/21» Release Manual Autoplot KWK PDF
2010/02/06» Release Environment-MOD MEP (now part of V5.1)
2010/02/01» Release Manual and profile JSGME MOD-activation PDF
2009/11/01» Release Supermod LSH3 V5 Fullversion
2009 October» Release second LSH3 Website - V5 by Urmel
2009 October» Change LSH3 Modder Leadership from Rowi to Blueduck
2009 September» Release first LSH3 Website - V4 by Urmel
2009» Start teamwork by Rowi, Blueduck and Urmel
2005 to 2008» See the ultimative LSH3 Manual (PDF, german only, state V5.1)

New SH3-Tools 2014

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