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Silent Hunter III ReDesign Concept Edition 2015

For the 10th anniversary of SH3 we are glad to present "Living Silent Hunter III Edition 2015" SuperMod. This Supermod is the result of five years of dedicated efforts from the LSH3 mod team. The original SH3-game has been analyzed in depth and modernized on many respects. It comes with a wide collection of prepackaged mods, tools and patches available under a unified and simple to use installation executable.
Further related information and support are available through the following forums:, Design Mod Project (german),

DOWNLOAD Living Silent Hunter Edition 2015

Preview Living Silent Hunter III Edition 2017

Video Silent Hunter III - Edition 2017 - Essentials auf YouTube

LSH3 Project History - from year 2005 to 2021

2021 October» Due to health problems in the modder team, the work is very difficult at the moment. But I am confident that we will still be able to realise Edition 2022.
2021 February» The remaining LSH3 modder team (Blueduck, Eremit and myself) have decided, one last time, to create another new full version LSH3 supermod "Living Silent Hunter 3 Edition 2022", in full HD display (1920x1080PX).
2020 December» Supermod Living Silent Hunter 3 Edition 2020 was published!
2020 October» It looks good, we will be able to publish "Living Silent Hunter 3 Edition 2020" by the end of the year!
2016 August» German forum MarinseSims close
German LSH3 Support new on DMP - Design Mod Project Forum
2016 July» Change LSH3 Server (Switzerland) with double capacity (35436 downloads)
2016 July» Start the new LSH3 Video Cannel by Youtube
2016 January» Overwhelmed about 21000 downloads since release V15
2015 August» Start project Edition 2016/17
2015 July» Work out the feedback of SH3 community...
2015/06/22» We are happy about 4000 downloads in 30 days.
2015/05/22» LSH3 Edition 2015 released ! :-)
2015 April» FAQ Manual under construction
2015 March» Good news; Blueduck is healty and back in Team!
» 24 Manuals completed. Install Win10 works
2015 February» Installation manual documents (SH3/LSH3) under construction...
2015 January» Finalversion DL tests with antivirus tools
» Unexpected "wrong errors" proved now
2014 December» Quality control (PRC2) Urmel, Eremit & Rowi
» English translation of all content
2014 November» Quality control (PRC1) Urmel, Eremit & Rowi
» Disease related failure of Blueduck!
2014 October» Acquisition LSH Team & Production by Urmel
2014/09/27» Release news SH3 tools
» Download SH3-VersionCheck-2014 and SH3-MultiCopy-2014
2014 August» Newstart qualitycheck by Urmel, Blueduck & Rowi
2014 Summer» Nearly stagnation all team activity (desinterest, diseases)
» Reorganisation LSH Team and concept by Urmel
2014 January» LSH3 V6 (RC version) free to qualitycheck by team
2013 Autumn» LSH Team reselection by Blueduck & Urmel
2012 / 2013» Workout Supermod LSH3 Fullversion 6 up to Beta state
2012 January» LSH Team reselection by Blueduck & Urmel
2011/12/11» Release Mod FROZEN HARBORS V5.1
2011/10/03» Change german support location for LSH & CCOM
» New LSH & CCOM "Homebase" is Forum
2011/05/21» Release first results of SH3 Survey (ended 2014)
2011/04/01» Start SH3 Survey "MOD & TOOL" 2011 by Urmel
2011/01/15» Release V5.1 Identification Manual PDF
2010/11/01» Release Supermod LSH3 V5.1 FULLVERSION and UPDATE
2011 October» Release redesign LSH3 Website V5.1 by Urmel
2010/08/16» Release preview ATM-Mod Atmosphere V5.1
2010/08/14» Release preview U-Boote Arms V5.1
2010/03/21» Release Manual Autoplot KWK PDF
2010/02/06» Release Environment-MOD MEP (now part of V5.1)
2010/02/01» Release Manual and profile JSGME MOD-activation PDF
2009/11/01» Release Supermod LSH3 V5 Fullversion
2009 October» Release second LSH3 Website - V5 by Urmel
2009 October» Change LSH3 Modder Leadership from Rowi to Blueduck
2009 September» Release first LSH3 Website - V4 by Urmel
2009» Start teamwork by Rowi, Blueduck and Urmel
2005 to 2008» See the ultimative LSH3 Manual (PDF, german only, state V5.1)

LSH3 Support

» Forum SubSim (EN)
» Forum Röhrenfahrer (DE)
» Forum UBI (DE)