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Living Silent Hunter III - Edition 2010

is the proofed and concerted collection of MODS and MODS-variations for Silent Hunter III. Within this complete package, with some important tools for SH3, it is at this time the most actual SuperMod.
Due to a detailed landscape, harbour facilities with ship-traffic and sluices, 4 playable U-boat-types, more than 200 ship types built into the campaign and a career from 1939 to 1945, LSH3 V5.1 is the basis for exciting U-Boat-Simulation. Long Living Silent Hunter III


2011-12-11» Mod FROZEN HARBORS V5.1 published
2011-04-01» Start Survey "SH3 MOD & TOOL 2011"
2011-01-15» V5.1 Identification Manual published (PDF, german only)
2010-11-01» V5.1 FULLVERSION and UPDATE published
2010-08-16» ATM-Mod Atmosphere V5.1 preview published
2010-08-14» U-Boat Arms V5.1 preview published
2010-02-21» PDF Information for Autoplot KWK published
2010-02-06» Environment-MOD MEP published
2010-02-01» PDF Information and Profiles for JSGME MOD-Activation published
2009-12-14» Release LSH3 V5 SuperMOD published
2009-06-12» LSH3 V5 Signature-Banner for all Players published (UBI)
2005 to 2008» See the ultimative LSH3 Manual (PDF, german only)